ImmiConnect is a high specialty immigration services marketplace for millennials and young professionals.

We are three Social Entrepreneurs of immigrant families here in the U.S. and co-founders of ImmiConnect. We not only understand the struggles of navigating various legal processes and the danger of immigration fraud, but also the difficulties of operating a legal firm dependent on successful immigration cases.


We envision a world where immigrants can freely contribute to society and thrive socially, culturally, and economically. ImmiConnect works towards this vision by assisting individuals who advocate for immigrants: immigration attorneys. And while there are many ways to realize this vision, we believe that obtaining answers from trusted professionals is a great start.


Our ImmiConnect team is impacting the lives of many immigrants in Los Angeles, by preventing unscrupulous professionals from taking advantage of immigrant families.  

However, our success is not limited to our impact with immigrant applicants, but also the attorneys. ImmiConnect has helped trusted immigration attorneys maximize their legal assistance by helping them connect with clients.