ImmiConnect provides a simple tool to begin your journey to legal status.

For the estimated 11 million immigrants in this country, their greatest concerns are determining if they are potentially eligible to legalize their status and finding a trusted immigration attorney.

Do you ask yourself:

  • How do I know if I am eligible for immigration relief?
  • How can I avoid being a victim of immigration fraud?
  • What documents do I need to get started?
  • Which immigration attorney can I trust?

This is where ImmiConnect comes in. We connect immigrants with trusted immigration attorneys.

Use our FREE ImmiConnect Assessment tool to determine if you are likely eligible for immigration relief. If you are, we can connect you to locally trusted immigration attorneys, and tell you which important documents you will need to gather prior to your appointment.

If you are likely not eligible, we will provide you with important resources to avoid fraud, and connect you with local non-profit organizations that provide key services.

For a limited time only, use the ImmiConnect Assessment Tool to take the first step to realizing the American Dream.

Before finding a trusted immigration attorney, my life was nothing but pain and suffering. I immigrated to the United States fleeing domestic violence and struggled to succeed in this country. I finally found an attorney who understands my background and is willing to advocate on my behalf.

Thanks ImmiConnect!
— Elizabeth D. - El Salvador