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Welcome to ImmiConnect’s confidential questionnaire page. This important page will allow you to get acquainted with questions an Immigration Attorney asks to assess an individual’s case and also allow you to choose a trusted immigration attorney in your area to schedule a consultation. Please provide information to the best of your ability and feel free to skip any questions that do not apply to you.

After completing this form, please be advised you will be introduced via email with the attorney you select below. We will also share your information with the attorney to make your consultation much more efficient.

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Have you ever filed state and federal taxes?
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Please answer these questions to the best of you knowledge. This information will help your potential attorney research any previous inquiries or cases --valuable to find ways to expedite your process.
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Have you, or anyone on your behalf, ever petitioned for a Work Permit, Green Card, or other immigration benefit?
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Do you have an Alien (A-Number), SEVIS Number, or any USCIS-issued number?
The following questions may help an attorney determine immigration relief eligibility. Please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge.
Do you have any immediate U.S. Citizen relatives?
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Do you have any immediate Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) relatives?
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The following questions provide an attorney valuable insight into immigration eligibility, areas of research, and records requests needed to being an immigration application.
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Additional Eligibility Information
These additional questions will assist in determining any barriers to adjustment of status which may need to be addressed, researched, or verified.
Have you had any contact with Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) or any other Federal Law Enforcement Agency (e.g FBI)?
Have you had any contact with, arrested, or received citations from any Law Enforcement Agency (e.g LAPD)?
Have you ever been a victim of a crime, abuse, or human trafficking?
Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence by a current or former U.S Citizen or LPR family member?
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